Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me and earthquakes...what gives??!

So it seems that earthquakes are following me around these days...Back in September of last year while I was in the Mentawai Island of Indonesia we experienced an earthquake which turned out to be the precursor to the big quake that struck Padang and leveled it at the beginning of October. Padang, notably was the place I stayed both before and after the Mentawais. The hotel I stayed in, The Spice Homestay was completely destroyed in the October quake. Pictured below is Spice after the quake.

Earlier this year I visited Puerto Rico which happens to be the neighboring island to Hispanola, half of which is known as Haiti. I was on the plane between PR and Florida when the Haiti quake happened. On my flight from Florida back to Myrtle Beach, there were a dozen or so people who had left Haiti that day! The person sitting next to me was a Haitian kid on his way back to college in Boston. He had spoken to his mother immediately after the quake but his father was still missing. He was very worried to say the least.

And now today, a 5.9 quake has been reported off the coast of Northern California. You might point out that I live in Ventura which is after all SOUTHERN California but guess where I was this weekend....San Francisco! A coincidence? I sure hope so!

On a separate note I have to say thanks to Morgan my newest "follower". She wrote me a told me how much she enjoyed the blog and had some great recommendations for me going forward. I intend to take her advice because she really had some great ideas! So, thanks Morgan!


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